drive engineering

Our drive systems produced of known manufacturers are focused on quality, safety and customer requirements.

All our production centers have installed high quality management systems, are certified and are continuously maintained.

Our assortment contains exclusively the highest-quality brands to guarantee the best possible drive to you.

a small extract of our product range

  • Classical fan belts covered / ofz to German Institute for Standardization 2215
  • Narrow fan belts covered / ofz to German Institute for Standardization 7753
  • High-capacity fan belts
  • Wide fan belt covers / ofz
  • Limited fan belts
  • Toothed belts
  • Fabric belts
  • Drive belts
  • Double fan belts
  • Group fan belts
  • V-ribbed belts
  • Level fan belts
  • Toothed level fan belts
  • Limited toothed level belts
  • Toothed level belts (polyurethanes)
  • Toothed level belts (inch divisions)
  • Double toothed level belts
  • Limited toothed level belts (polyurethanes)
  • V-ribbed belts (polyurethanes)

fan belt

Classical van-belts are covered and are produced in the profiles 5,6,8,10,13,17,20,22,25,32 and 40 according to DIN 2215.

Narrow van-belts are covered and are manufactured in SPZ (9.7), SPA (12.7), SPB (16.3) and SPC (22) according to DIN 7753.

We also manufacture belts in inter-lengths. Raw-edged form toothed v-belts (FOZ) are produced in the profiles XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC. This type is preferred for new drives, due to longer maturities, lower energy consumption and higher power capacity.

Wide V-belts, raw-edged, form toothed are available in the profiles 13x5, 17x5, 17x6, 21x6, 22x6, 22x8, 23x10, 26x8, 28x8, 30x10, 32x10, 34x8, 37x10, 41x13, 47x10, 47x13, 52x16, 55x16, 65x20 and 70x18.

Many other lengths and widths are in store for you, special widths are also available.

Twin van belts

The cross-sectional profile of the twin V-belt is a hexagon of two coextensive trapezoids. The neutral fibre with the cable cord tension is located halfway up of the profile.

Twin V-belts consist of: rubber core, cable cord tension and cover fabric. By arranging the polyester cord tensile in the centre the twin V-belt is extremely flexible and low stretch.

Twin belts are available, for example, in the profiles AA / HAA, BB / HBB and CC / HCC.


A chain-belt (also V-Belts) are finite V-belts made from individual chain members (fins) (bulk goods). The individual elements are connected by steel rivets rotation (belt drive) or over a tee-end (high-capacity transport belt) and consist of polyurethane elastomer reinforced with multiple layers of polyester fabric.

We have finite hole belts according to DIN 2216 in green color in the profiles 10, 13, 17 and 22 in rolls of 50 meters, body belts (on bulk) in the color red in the profiles Z, A, B and C in rolls of 20 meters or super- T link in the color blue in SPZ, SPA SPB or in rolls of 20 meters.

V-ribbed belt

The driving of auxiliary units takes place in modern engines today mostly with v-ribbed belts which replaces the normal belt more and more.

V-ribbed belts can drive several auxiliary units simultaneously, thereby transferring larger cache performance and also need less space; are therefore ideal for complex drives.

V-ribbed belts made of neoprene are available in the profiles PJ, PK, PL, PM and PH. V-ribbed belts made of polyurethane are available in the profiles JPU UDN TB2.

High-Performance Narrow Belts

The wrapped high performance narrow belts has a high strength aramid cord and is an individual belt in the set or as a power band especially for large, very heavily loaded drives. Available in the profiles 3V / 9J, 5V / 15J, 8V / 25J, SPA, SPB and SPC.


Polyflex V-belts are made of polyurethane and are very resistant to cutting fluids and emulsions. The straps allow very high belt speeds up to 100 m / sec.

They are also characterized by a very quiet and precise running. Therefore, the very high transmission capacity enables a very compact design. These belts are to obtain both reinforced polyester tension members and with reinforced Kevlar tension members.

Wide-Angle belts

Wide-angle belts have a different edge angle (60 °) and are made of polyurethane. These belts are often used in high-speed and quiet running applications are used, such as main drive of lathes and grinding machines. Available in the profiles 3M, 5M, 7M, 11M, 5MS, 7MS and 11MS.

Neoprene-Based Cog Belt

Timing Belt made of Neoprene have a significantly larger transmission power and larger cache accuracy for longer life.

We can also supply silicone-free toothed belt. Neoprene timing belts are available in different colors, sizes and gears.

Neoprene-Based Synchronous Belt / GT3

This technologically advanced timing belt GT3 is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

The timing belt transfer up to 30% more power than previous generation belts. The synchronous belts are available in the profiles 2MGT3, 3MGT3, 5MGT3, 8MGT3 and 14MGT3.

Neoprene-Based Synchronous Belt / HTD

Timing belt profiles of 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M and 20M belts are used for heavy-duty industrial machines in the machine tool, paper and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are of paramount importance.

Neoprene-Based Timing Belts (Bulk)

We have Neoprene-based timing belts by the meter available in the profiles 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 3MR, 5MR, 8MR and Poly Chain Carbon on rolls of 30 meters in our product range.

Polyurethane Cog Belts

Toothed belt made of polyurethane exhibit a high resistance to lubricants, moisture and chemicals. Moreover, they are highly resistant to wear. These belts are endless manufactured or endless welded, either with steel cords or kevlar tension carrier in simple and double interlocked execution.

The pitches go by T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, XL, L, H, XH, 5M, 8M and 14M, for the double gearing DT5, DT10, DT20, DAT5, DAT10, DAT20, DXL, DL, DH , DXH, D5M, D8M and D14M, each available in lengths from 1,500 to 22,770 mm.

Another variation, timing belt with steel strands in a simple teeth or double teeth, available in the profiles T2, T5, T10, AT5, AT10, DT5, DT10, MXLPU, XLPU, LPU and HPU.

Polyurethane Round Belt

PH is polyester elastomer withstand temperatures from -5 ° C to 80 ° C reinforced with kevlar tension cord, polyester cord or steel cords in the variations PUW, PUWRP, PW, PWRP, PWRK, PH, PHRP, PHRK, PHRs, PWRK, PWRP, PWFGRP, PUWSG, PUWRPSG, PWSG, PWRPSG.