Industry pipes

For your industrial applications, we have the best fitting industrial pipes made of rubber and plastic. We have hoses and hose assemblies, which provide the service you require.

More than 5000 different products from oxyacetylene hose till cement silo hose we store on our central warehouse.

Please contact us and we will offer you with competent advice the right products you need.

Our hoses program contains

  • Autogenous- and propane hoses
  • Abrasion-resistent suction- and pressure hoses
  • Exhaust gas hoses
  • Water hoses made of rubber or PVC
  • Hoses for the drain cleaning
  • Steam hoses
  • Compressor-compressed air hoses or tubes German Institute for Standardization 20018
  • Industry hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Food stuff hoses
  • Pest control hoses
  • Conveyor hoses
  • Multi-purpose and spray painting hoses
  • Mineral- and fuel hoses
  • Load and filling hoses for the chemistry
  • Cement silo hoses
  • Hoses for the build/construction industry
  • Excavator hoses for gravel works
  • BE-hoses
  • Brake hoses to German Institute for Standardization 74310
  • Preasure hoses
  • Paint spraying hoses
  • Fire-fighting hoses
  • Radiator hoses to German Institute for Standardization 73411
  • Lab and machines hoses
  • Mortar feed hoses
  • wine hoses
  • Dairy steam hoses
  • milk hoses
  • oil pressure hoses
  • Acid hoses
  • Sandblaster hoses
  • Shrinking hoses made from PVC and Teflon
  • Spiral hoses
  • Road tanker hoses
  • Road tanker hoses with and without spiral
  • Teflon hoses
  • Tar hoses
  • Hot air spiral hoses

If requested these hoses can be also equipped in reinforced implementation, i.e. with suitable coupling. All tubes are able to come with and without insert.